About Us

Can you remember your first bike? Mine was a BMX - black and gold - and I went everywhere on that thing! It wasn’t long before I was jumping whatever obstacles I could find, while exploring pieces of my hometown I doubt most people even knew existed. I felt a sense of freedom and adventure I had never experienced before, and even though that first bike is a distant memory, I still love the feeling of adventure that accompanies me on every ride.


These days, the majority of my saddle time is on my mountain bike, taking a break from suburbia and getting out into nature. A few years ago, I realized my style was evolving along with where I prefer to ride. I got tired of the neon colors, the loud patterns, and the head-to-toe logos that made me look like a walking billboard. If I went out for a couple tacos after hitting the trails, I couldn’t help but feel a bit silly in such...statement pieces.


When I looked for something comfortable to ride in that was a bit more sophisticated, I couldn’t find it anywhere. How could it be so hard to find high-performance mountain bike wear without all the excess flair? Because it simply didn’t exist. It was this realization that inspired me to design my own.


At Revel Republic, you get cycling apparel made for the diverse needs of avid riders, with a stylish look you can take off the trails. Every piece is made of durable, moisture-wicking fabric to keep you looking and feeling good no matter what the ride brings, and the two-way stretch ensures you’ll shred the trails in comfort. 


You’ll only find Revel Republic apparel exclusively on our website. Going directly from producer to consumer means we cut out the retail middleman, and get to pass those savings onto you.


Get your gear, get your bike, and REVEL in the ride…